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A First Time For Everything

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After very little consideration, I’ve decided it’s time to get caught up in the social media movement. I won’t claim to understand it (and would be suspicious of anyone who says they really do), but there’s no denying it’s here to stay and is only getting going.

I suppose the right thing to do for a first post is to set out the scope of the blog. I know there’s a description on the side, but 500 characters is a tad limiting.

If I have an intent for this blog, it’s to give me an outlet for thoughts, ideas, ruminations, observations, frustrations, consternation, machination and even some optimism on the use and abuse of media.

I’m hardly an expert (though the one useful thing about the description is that it does show I’ve dipped a toe into the industry) but I do spend a lot of time surrounded by it, thinking about it and even making some money from it (full disclosure).

I don’t take myself or the world around me too seriously. I find that helps to keep things in perspective.

I will be passionate about certain things & utterly detached from others. I won’t claim to be balanced all the time – we all have our biases – but I will try to consider both sides of an issue.

I may contradict myself at times. But I don’t see this as a problem. If we didn’t change our opinions from time to time, we’d be boring.

I’ll also work at getting better at the blogger etiquette. I’m somewhat sheepish that this post doesn’t contain a single hyperlink.

Oh well. Next time.


Written by Jonathan Dunn

May 17, 2006 at 10:36 pm

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