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U2 Scavenges the Internet

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U2, the legendary Irish rockers, are holding a contest where the winners will receive an all expense paid trip to Hawaii for the final show of their Vertigo tour.

The contest will require participants to find:

Banners featuring short lyrical excerpts from U2’s songs (that) will be posted on websites around the world. To enter the competition you must locate these hidden lyrics, aided by different clues which we’ll be posting here on

The banners will have one letter from each excerpt highlighted and contestants will have to collect the letters which will then be used to answer a question. The list of participating sites will be revealed in a few days.

U2 are exceptional marketers with Bono in particular being a fantastic (self?) promoter (and to some a pompous git – Q: What’s the difference between God and Bono? A: God doesn’t walk around the streets of Dublin telling everyone he’s Bono.).

In fairness to U2 & Mr. Vox (Bono’s full stage name is Bono Vox – Latin for ‘good voice’), they have done a lot to raise awareness for a whole host of very serious global issues.

I would anticipate that the participating website will include some of Bono’s pet projects and frankly (if this turns out to be the case) I think it is a brilliant PR move (for both U2 and the organizations). For all his self-righteousness, you have to applaud Bono for using his profile to draw attention to some of the world’s most troubling crises. U2 has legions of fans and his passion is a powerful tool in mobilizing support.

I just hope this isn’t a kiss of death…remember when Bono spoke so passionately in favour of Paul Martin at the last Liberal leadership convention (sadly, I can’t find a link to Bono’s speech)?

PS. I realize it is a stretch to associate Bono’s speech/support with Paul Martin’s ineptitude while holding the country’s highest office…but it just fits so nicely with this post.

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

October 19, 2006 at 7:40 pm

Posted in Blogroll, Marketing, Music

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