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During my trip to Chile & Argentina I had the good fortune to see a Boca Juniors soccer match. Boca are one of Argentina’s premier sides and draw their fans mainly from the working class of Buenos Aires. It was a very entertaining match (final score: Boca Juniors 3 – Quilmes 1), but what struck me most was the passion and immense scale of their fan support. The constant singing, chanting, unfurling of flags and banners, yelling at the refs, yelling at the opposition (and their fans), yelling at their own team, jumping, dancing and even respectful applause for a fine bit of skill are an integral part of the game.

I’ve seen plenty of European and South American soccer matches on TV – riotous fans, flares going off in the stands – but you cannot appreciate how engulfing an experience it is until you have been a part of it. This got me thinking about the concept of “immersion”.

Advertisers, marketers and PR folk talk a lot about engagement (a concept I take to mean the ability to capture an audience’s attention and create the opportunity & motivation for action). This is a useful lens to view communications activity, but it will not necessarily create a sustained, resonant and durable experience or interaction. One can easily be engaged in a very transitory way (admittedly, this may even be a desirable outcome). But to really drive action, enact change, forge a bond with a consumer (audience, stakeholder, etc…) it seems that you have to engineer an experience (content, product, etc…) that offers the opportunity for them to internalize it (its meaning, intent, function and so on) in a way that creates a substantive change.

I found a good example of this through Brendan Hodgson’s blog and there has been an exchange of thoughts on the subject that I found useful. My feeling is that there’s currency in this concept of “immersion” and how it can support and further our understanding of how we should communicate to engage. Viva la Boca!

(Disclaimer: The notion of ‘immersion’ is new to me. I’m not aware of other thoughts on the subject. If there are, I’d love to know about them.)

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

November 23, 2006 at 6:57 pm

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  1. Nice – i was in Brazil during the “off-season” and couldn’t see any games there but watching footy in south america is certainly an experience.

    Thanks for the link!


    Ed Lee

    November 24, 2006 at 2:10 pm

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