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Looking Over A Four-Letter Clover

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I’m glad to see I was not alone in the disgust I felt after Ireland’s 2-1 escape from San Marino in Euro2008 qualifying. It was a truly abject display and deserving of the harshest criticism (for non football fans out there, San Marino has lost their previous 37 matches by conceding an astonishing 168 goals).

Kudos to Michael O’Connor Clarke for pointing out that in the aftermath of the match, a bitter fan (s) made some crude and highly critical changes to the Football Association of Ireland’s entry on Wikipedia (the link is to the edited page, but it may not last long). As Michael astutely points out in his comments:

An object lesson in social media crisis communications here, too. A blog & wiki-savvy communicator would have foreseen something like this and kept a much closer eye on the page.

I suppose this speaks to the inherant risk with social media. As much as it can offer legitimate two-way communication and transparent and authentic interaction, there are equal opportunities for those with mischevious intentions to exploit these conditions. Of course, this not the first time we’ve seen something like this: ‘Dub-yah" Bush’s page has been locked down for ages as a result of cyber terrorism and companies setting up their brands in SecondLife have been subject to ‘attacks’.

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

February 9, 2007 at 9:01 am

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