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Breaking up is easy on YouTube

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In light of the furor kicked up over the Bridezilla video, should we be surprised that the latest viral hit is being put under the microscope? In this video, a UNC student assembles a willing crowd, an acapella choir and a host of video cameras to publicly break-up with his girlfriend on valentine’s day over alleged infidelity.

The boyfriend at the centre of this claims: the breakup was something of an experiment in human behavior. But he also said it was genuine — he was furious about Moorman’s alleged cheating.

Knowing what we do, watching this vid is certainly a cringe-worthy (though entertaining) experience. But those who were there say it seemed too staged to be genuine. A couple of reasons to think there may be merit to that claim:

– Look at the crowd that’s assembled. The boyfriend publicized the event on his Facebook page which accounts for the masses. But is it not reasonable to think the girlfriend might have seen this too? If you’re planning something like this, especially when your promo promised a ‘bad public breakup’ and something ‘You don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away.’, you might not want to tip off the intended stooge.

– There are at least 4 cameras filming the event. Which seems a bit over the top even for someone making a spectacle like this.

– There is no emotion. Well, to be fair, the girlfriend lets loose a volley of f-bombs in her response and some mud is slung, but even then there is a clinical feel to what should be a very raw emotional response.

– The ex-couple are apparently still on speaking terms, having been friends prior to their relationship. I find this hard to believe. If someone went to this much effort to publicly humiliate me, they’d have some hard questions to answer.

Thankfully, this in no way seems to be another poorly planned corporate marketing stunt (unless Hallmark is launching a new line of cards), and the main point of all this seems to be the spectacle rather than the breakup (his payback for the humiliation her cheating caused).

Who’s with me in starting the next wave in social networking – a social dumping site?

Update 02/27/2007: The ‘boyfriend’ has now revealed that the breakup was all a hoax.

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

February 25, 2007 at 2:51 am

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