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YouTube, YouChoose

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YouTube has launched a channel that will broadcast videos submitted by ’08 U.S. Presidential nominees. The goal is for the channel to act as an information hub for the hopefuls and, one supposes, offer a way to counter unauthorized, potentially damaging, videos that may be posted by other users. Remember the "Macaca" incident with (Former) Senator George Allen?

So far Rudy Giuliani, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, John McCain, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney and Joe Biden are on board. The videos seem to be a mix of carefully scripted campaign stops and the usual ‘on the trail/vote for me’ rhetoric. A click on the candidate’s videos on the channel home page (or on the candidate’s names above) takes you to a profile page for each candidate where other videos and info are hosted.

My fondness for e-government initiatives has been noted elsewhere in this blog so I’ll refrain from further pontificating. My question is more are we now going to see some clever YouChoose mash-ups? What will happen to negative comments posted on each video/profile page (a quick survey suggests they either aren’t being caught or are being left up – for now)? Will we get some unscripted, personal & authentic video from the candidates or just the standard pap transferred to a new medium? Will the number of video views aid in predicting primary/convention/electoral victories?

Stay tuned…

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

March 2, 2007 at 2:37 pm

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