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A PR Agency Comes Knocking or Finally, someone trying to sell ME something.

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One of my first tasks at my new job was to write up and send out a release talking up myself and a couple of other new hires at the company. Certainly not ‘set the world ablaze’ news, but it did get picked up by a few industry newsletters. And clearly someone was reading as I have just received my first solicitation from a PR agency.

Though there are lots of skills needed to succeed in PR and plenty of schools where you can learn the tricks of the trade, business development (oh, lets just call it what it is…SALES) is a frequently under-taught, under-appreciated and under-utilized skill (at least until one reaches the more senior ranks).

So, here’s the note I received with some commentary on why I think it’s a pretty good effort:

Hello Jonathan,(Spelled my name right…can’t tell you how often I get ‘Johnathan’, ‘Jonathon’, "John" etc…and thus avoided the #1 way to ensure I’m not interested)

Congratulations on your new role at Vortxt Interactive. You’ll have plenty of interesting times ahead.(Starts off with a compliment. Who doesn’t like that. Also indicates a reason for his note)

I’m preaching to the converted when it comes to using PR effectively to reach your target audiences,so I don’t need to convince you of its merit. Your blogs indicate that you’re very savvy of Web 2.0 as an effective means of promotion. (Did some research. He visited this blog as I can tell from the search terms used to land visitors here).

I was wondering if you’re going to be attending the Mesh Conference in Toronto at the end of the month. If you haven’t considered attending, it would be a great opportunity to network and learn more about the industry. I was speaking with Mark Evans last month during a Mesh mixer about the event and he’s very keen on the interest the conference is generating. The panel schedule should be posted soon.(Mentioned something that might be of interest to me and demonstrated that he is engaged in the world in which I work).

On a separate note, Mediacaster Magazine has a special focus on mobile content later this summer. I’m sure you’ve already got Marketing Magazine covered (Showed he was on top of media opportunities that are appropriate for my firm as well as having taken the time to learn where I came from and what that might mean).

When you have a free moment to chat, I’d be keen to hear more about your thoughts for PR for Vortxt. Perhaps (his firm) can assist with your plans too. We have some great clients in the consumer electronics field including (a number of premier technology companies), and more. (Told me something positive about his firm and requested a time to chat, without being too pushy).

Thanks for the consideration and I hope to chat with you soon

While I’m not in the position to bring on an agency partner, I appreciate this thoughtful and researched approach. It offered something of value to me, showed that he had taken the time to research me and my company and positioned himself as a potential partner rather than someone out to just sell me something. Maybe he’ll even get a call someday…

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

May 8, 2007 at 11:57 am

2 Responses

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  1. Sounds like someone I know…

    Chris Clarke

    May 8, 2007 at 2:21 pm

  2. C’mon Chris. You can do better than a vague suspicion…;-) Feel free to accuse – though names will remain changed to protect the innocent.

    Jonathan Dunn

    May 8, 2007 at 2:33 pm

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