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I think my cell phone is smarter than I am

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I’ve started to realize that my phone may be smarter than I am.

The first sign was the amount of memory the phone has at its disposal. With 1GB, it’s not the largest capacity on the market, but it’s not far off. But with that I can store hundreds of music files, dozens of photos, a library’s worth of text messages, hundreds of contacts, surf the web, receive email and so on and so. Plus, I could get an memory card with more capacity should I wish. I cannot say this about my own memory. In fact, if anything, I’m losing memory capacity with each passing year.

My phone is able, with 100% accuracy, to recall and correctly apply the phone number of everyone who I have stored in my contacts. I cannot do this. In fact, I am quite sure that I wouldn’t be able to tell you the number of many very, very close friends. I inputted their numbers into the phone and haven’t thought about it since.

My phone can play music. I cannot. Sure, playing music for the phone is a question of responding to the command to activate the music file that I have uploaded. Whereas playing music for me is a case of using force and timing to manipulate a device so that the vibrations caused by this device are pleasing to the ear. But the fact remains, I cannot play music.

My phone has more Facebook friends. Well, not quite my phone, but a search for ‘text messaging’ on Facebook reveals 492 groups with literally tens of thousands of members. I am nowhere close to that popular.

My phone knows more about me than most – my favourite music, my friends, what my day holds, who I’ve been talking to/texting with, where I’ve been and what I found interesting there (photos, etc..)

These are trite examples, of course. I am well aware that for anything on my phone to work I must first learn how to use it and then use it correctly in subsequent attempts. I have to take the pictures, input contacts, upload music, surf the web etc, etc…

My point is more what a robust information and entertainment hub cell phones have become. They can do the same things that maybe as little as two years ago I needed 5 devices for – play music (ipod), take photos (camera), surf the web (computer + internet connection), organize my life (daytimer/palm) & talk on the phone.

Maybe I’m smarter for having mastered this little device. I’m not sure. According to a recent study, Irish student’s command of English is suffering because of text messaging. That’s a bit shortsighted though. As with all technology, it’s only a tool. It’s all about how you use, if I can just figure out how to…..

Tags: mobile, artificial intelligence, technology


Written by Jonathan Dunn

May 22, 2007 at 3:22 pm

Posted in Technology

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