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Who Are the 4% of teens not connected to a social network?

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As reported by AdAge today, 96% of teens and tweens connect to a social networking site at least once a week.And nearly half engaged with a brand over the past month.

What is most interestng to me about this are the findings related to advertising/marketing best practices within the space:

‘Do not interrupt me en route to a connection with one of my peers or in the midst of a conversation,’" she said. "They’re saying: ‘Enhance or facilitate my social-networking experience. Offer me utilities to enhance my production process or tools to help me better able to express or engage myself.’"

This reinforces the contention that good social media activity involves authentic, even transparent dialogue and the need to get consumer permission to proceed. The social media/network has heavily weighted the value exchange in favour of the consumer. Michael Seaton over at the Client Side blog highlights an example of American retailer JC Penny attempting to enable rather than interrupt.

Now, what about the other 4%? It does seem suspiciously low when you consider broadband penetration & poverty rates in the US. Maybe a Facebook and MySpace page for the same person are being double counted? Either way, these are compelling findings.

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

June 26, 2007 at 3:15 pm

Posted in Marketing, Social Media

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