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Old Friends More Trustworthy or CPR for the 30 Second Spot

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A just-released study called Compose (conducted by Kantar Media Research and the Dutch firm Pointlogic) examined the impact different media has on consumer choice, awareness, preference etc…Among the findings are:

  • Consumers recognize TV as the No. 1 medium for building awareness: 43% rate it as excellent or very good. Magazines (31%), newspapers (29%) and radio (24%) all also performed well
  • Asked which media helped them decide whether "they can trust a brand," TV ranked first again with 26% of the respondents, followed by newspapers (21%) and magazines (19%).
  • The newest media tracked in the survey – platforms like video games, video-on-demand, interactive TV and streaming online video – by contrast are still regarded by most consumers as being niche communication vehicles. Their scores on these measures ranged between 2% and 5%.

This is useful reminder that for all the hype around social media, emerging technologies and what not, the vast majority of people still consume and trust more traditional media. Of course, the future for these new media is good. The popularity of 2.0 apps/site among younger demographics is high and will translate into greater acceptance over time.

I suspect a major barrier for the new media is a credibility gap. With UGC or community/citizen journalism,  its hard for the average consumer to evaluate the accuracy or trustworthiness of content they consume online.

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

August 23, 2007 at 9:34 am

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