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My Boys Got Their Names in Lights

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Marketing magazine’s Sept 10th issue contains the annual Ones to Watch feature. If you’re unfamiliar with the OTW, it’s their list of marketing professionals who are under 30 and poised to be industry leaders (having already made a significant mark on the business). It’s behind the firewall so you can’t read the full profiles without a password/subscription.

However (enter shameless plug), my bosses made the list and I’m re-posting their profile here (with thanks to Lesley Young who wrote the piece):

Brady Murphy & Adrian Schauer
Co-Managing Partners,
Vortex Mobile, Toronto >> Age: 29, 28

Three years ago, at one of their many brainstorming sessions over beers after shooting hoops, longtime pals Brady Murphy and Adrian Schauer hit upon a winning idea about mobile marketing.

The technology was huge in Asia and Europe, but not so in North America. "There was a big void in understanding around text messaging or SMS [Short Message Service] at the time," says Murphy. The pair would zero in on developing cutting-edge marketing technology for North America. Enter Toronto-based Vortex Mobile.

Murphy has the marketing cred, including a few years in account services, while Schauer brings the technical expertise from a stint managing new product development in the wireless industry. The two are an agency match made in heaven, says Michael Keefe, senior director of mobile and interactive strategy at client Carlson Marketing Canada.

"Delving into the mobile industry can be intimidating for some clients. They [Vortex] have incredible knowledge of industry best practices that accompany clear marketing objectives…which takes the guesswork out of the equation."

David Soyka, consumer marketing manager at Vortex client Levi Strauss & Co., agrees. "They’ve given us flexible, terrific MMS [Multimedia Messaging Services] solutions without elaborate infrastructure." A recent campaign for Levi’s, which allowed customers to vote on their favourite jeans model (integrating SMS and viral consumer engagement), resulted in more than 16,000 votes. Vortex also enabled a mobile video campaign for Microsoft Canada.

They’ve come a long way since starting up in Murphy’s basement; growing revenues more than 300% in each of the past two years. They’re now working out of a new downtown Toronto office with 11 employees. "Eventually, we’d like to sell and become part of something bigger," admits Schauer. But until then the two friends will keep shooting hoops, and looking for their next big idea over beers

Brady’s also been blogging at the CMA blog on matters mobile and since I’ve already made one shameless plug, you can find that here.

Naturally I’m very excited for them and I know they’re honoured to be included. Thanks Marketing mag.

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

September 10, 2007 at 10:36 am

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