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When Stock Photography Meets Lazy Marketers

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I received a card in the mail today from Third Screen Media. They’re a mobile ad management co. and I coordinated a client ad buy through them which is why I’m on their mailing list.

The card was letting me know they’ve moved to new offices in downtown Boston:

Third Screen Card

The trouble is that the image they’ve included doesn’t look like downtown Boston at all. In fact, it looks a hell of a lot like the Toronto Skyline (BCE/Brookfield Place, Commerce Court & Scotia Plaza are prominent). Let’s compare.

Boston Skyline:

Boston Skyline

Toronto Skyline (from outside my office on Front St.):

Toronto Skyline 1

or from this angle:

Toronto Skyline 2

Maybe they matched the image to the recipient’s city? This was a mass mail and that seems irrelvant to point of the card (plus requires an attention to detail that seems unlikely). I can only conclude that someone went searching for a stock image, couldn’t find one of Boston they liked and settled on the one they used.

This is just pure laziness – hoping either noone would notice or care. Incongruities like this are a pet peeve of mine. If you aren’t making sure that words & images in your marketing collateral match the piece’s message and the corporate/brand particulars, then you end up losing credibility.


Written by Jonathan Dunn

April 17, 2008 at 4:57 pm

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