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Business Tools Enabling Stupidity, Not Productivity

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A few days ago Matthew Ingram has a post about a group of intrepid entrepreneurs who neglected to ‘accept changes’ on their edited business plan. It was sent to potential VC funders with comments intact and hilarity ensued.

This, along with the all-time favourite ‘reply all when only meant to send to one’ error, is a good example of how carelessness in the age of technology is a recipe for mockery at best and lawsuits at worst.

Here’s a short list of other all-too-common workplace techno-goofs:

1. Speakerphone Snafus:Forgetting to hit the mute button on Speakerphone before bad-mouthing the client/partner/etc.

2. Email-Misdirection: Sending the sensitive email to the wrong person courtesy of Outlook’s predictive address book (bonus points if the recipient is your boss, competition or client’s competition).

3. “Can You Hear Me Now”: Forgetting to lock keys on your cellphone/blackberry allowing unintended surveillance of your activities (bonus points if you’re married and in a strip club with clients at the time).

4. Workstation Wandering Eye: Not locking your computer when away or just being careless and being busted surfing porn/job sites/gossip sites/etc while at work.

5. Anti-Social Network Syndrome: The oft-cited public Facebook profile revealing too much – photos, wall posts, etc…

If you haven’t done one of these, you haven’t lived…

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Written by Jonathan Dunn

May 20, 2008 at 4:12 pm

Posted in Soap Box

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